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Rise of Hawk, Part 1, Scene 1
Rise of Hawk
Part One
* 1 *
19 Aracan 3000
City of Araam
Country of Arana
The planet Shadow

A cobbled ochre footpath led in curving spirals across the road and into the northern entrance of Star Mall.  Waiting for the cross signal, Asha glanced warily up and down the street.  There were neither cop cars nor Agency vehicles on the road, and no visible Blue Suit Agents on the footpaths either.  It looked like just another normal autumn day in Araam.  The traffic light buzzed above her and she stepped off the curb, crossing through the paved spirals to the mall entrance.
Absently, she touched the baby's back through the material of the sling strapped over her.  It was quite a risk for them to go into a public mall, especially unarmed, but it couldn't be helped.  Baby Tempa needed a diaper change and feeding, and Asha couldn't do that in the street.
The automatic doors opened and, stepping into the warm
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The Ladies of Lit
An Introduction:
The aim of this new feature series I eagerly wish to share with everyone here on DeviantART is fairly self-explanatory. I do, however, hope to introduce my fellow deviants to a variety of talented ladies that I am very privileged to know – who are also wonderful writers. Nearly every single deviation that enters into my inbox touches me in a remarkable way, and I feel it is high time to give the community that same honor. I also hope to give our female scribes an opportunity to get their work noticed and what better way to do so than to showcase their outstanding and beautiful work?
What Things Can You Expect to Look For?
I do hope to include a variety of fun and interactive things, including:
:bulletpurple: Literature thumbs showcasing a selection of different genres and categories.
:bulletpurple: A “spotlight deviant” feature.
:bulletpurple: Interviews, polls, chatroom “write” meets* and more.
:bulletpurple: Deviant’s
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I Need Healing
“What happened to you?”  It seems Ana’s the only one that ever expresses any sympathy for him.  Though, it’s doubtful her sympathy will do him any good.  Sniper mom misses her friend.…

There's more, it's like, a whole SET!…

Yeah yeah yeah monster man hell, join me, blah blah, you heard it all before. 

actually him giving you a head start is rather nice, those shotguns only go about yay [ ] far. :[ 

I'm reading last year's nano, which I'm planning to finish, and it gives me chills with HOW GOSH DARN AWFUL it is. Thus said, back to basics, I'm reading articles on how to introduce characters properly. Here's a few just in case you're even a fraction as horrified by last year's work as I am: 

1) landlockedscreenwriter.nwoscre…

  I like this article because of the 3 H's thing, and also it reminds me I don't need to be as phobic of metaphors and descriptive speech as I am. 


  This generator is awesome because it will put random words in the bullshit machine and excrete stuff that ranges from amusing to plain awesome.


  Good examples from movies.  How do I feel tho about physical description as an intro? I dunno yet. Apparently it's way common and I've gone so far beyond ever describing people physically that I feel I should take a step back and just do it.  Maybe?  Thoughts? 


    Novel intros of characters!  I love these.  They're just fun to read, and more relevant than script writing techniques to nano.

5) I DUNNO??? Lay 'em on me?



create nothing out of something
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