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Quincy Character Sheet by LunaticStar
Quincy Character Sheet

baby's first character sheet.

Reference: No Name / Quincy 
The Radiant Lady of the Wasteland, Fallout 4 OC

Bonus facts:
- Dandy Boy Fancy Apples are her favorite snack
- Befriends glowing beasts while Adventuring
- Hasn’t tried to make nice with a Deathclaw.  Yet.
- Brings presents from hard-to-get-to places to her friends in settlements. 
- Has a strange, two-toned voice, not the gravely voice typical to a ghoul.  This has enhanced her singing.  Weirder, but better.
- Very knowledgeable about plants, poisons, and panaceas. 

the queen is dead by LunaticStar
the queen is dead
long live the queen!

RIP Homestuck (no interest in seeing the end, personally, but I did read quite a bit of it).  May my love for Snowman / Slick always live on.  
Radiant Lady by LunaticStar
Radiant Lady
There are no white knights in the wasteland, no heroes without sin.  Caps are exchanged and bodies fall, it’s the way of things as natural as sucking in breath and coughing out smoke.  It’s been three months since she came into Goodneighbor, four since that Vaulter waltzed through.  A lot’s changed since then.  I ain’t no fool, and you ain’t either.  So come on, sit down, have a brew.  You don’t have to believe in the Silver Shroud or Santy Claus to admit that… despite everything… things have gotten better.


literate and dangerous by LunaticStar
literate and dangerous

You’re new ‘round here, so listen close: this is what I’ve got on that synth detective of Diamond City.  Yeah, he’s a pal to the great, green jewel, and he’s right chummy with those freaks in Goodneighbor.  They say in your darkest hour, it’ll be his hand reaching down, pulling you out of the unique despair of this wasteland shitshow.  But mark my words, to the violent scum who add to the chaos, he’s your worst enemy.  My best advice, kid?  Watch your step.  Stay clean.  Stay good.  And if you’re lucky enough to get the ol’ dick on your side, he’ll watch your back for life.

I'm reading last year's nano, which I'm planning to finish, and it gives me chills with HOW GOSH DARN AWFUL it is. Thus said, back to basics, I'm reading articles on how to introduce characters properly. Here's a few just in case you're even a fraction as horrified by last year's work as I am: 

1) landlockedscreenwriter.nwoscre…

  I like this article because of the 3 H's thing, and also it reminds me I don't need to be as phobic of metaphors and descriptive speech as I am. 


  This generator is awesome because it will put random words in the bullshit machine and excrete stuff that ranges from amusing to plain awesome.


  Good examples from movies.  How do I feel tho about physical description as an intro? I dunno yet. Apparently it's way common and I've gone so far beyond ever describing people physically that I feel I should take a step back and just do it.  Maybe?  Thoughts? 


    Novel intros of characters!  I love these.  They're just fun to read, and more relevant than script writing techniques to nano.

5) I DUNNO??? Lay 'em on me?



create nothing out of something
United States

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