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deviation in storage by Davenit
Hey everyone, time for a new journal.  For once let's be interactive.  Thing stolen from Siobhan68.  The rules are as follows: The first 5 people who comment on this journal will get a feature!  I will search your gallery (or you can help me and give me a few to pick from, if your gallery is disorganized or whatevs) and pick an OC.  I'll say why I picked 'em, and why I like them.  Since I commented in Siobhan's journal, she gets first pic!  And the same goes for you... if you comment, you make a journal with this thing, and put ME at the top. ;D 

1) Siobhan68
Ghost 2 by Siobhan68
I picked Ghost, an oldy but a goody, I've always like him and had the pleasure of drawing him before.  Them white haired badasses!  Honestly I don't know much about his story except he's a DnD char, heheh. 

2) TarienCole

A good intense short and intro to the character Aivee 8) 

3) Freyad-Dryden
Redi, Rough design by Freyad-Dryden 

I picked Redi!  I have a personal attachment to her (did a lil illustration, but I like this doodle that was commissioned better, hehe) and she's just my type of gal, strong, kinda secretive, and flawed enough to be very realistic.  Yay Redi!

4) Captain-Asparagus
++Inquisitor Malachi V.2++ by Captain-Asparagus
I do love me some warhammer 40k characters, Inquisitor OC's always thrill me, everyone has such twisted gothic stories and heheheheheh

5) Aranov
Zav YESSSSS!  A force-using mandalorian who's been driven batshit crazy by [circumstances], between talking to her dead husband and using the force to detonate the spleens of unsuspecting norms, she has absolutely no redeeming qualities AND I LOVE HER FOR IT. 8) 


create nothing out of something
United States

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hi c:
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Oh my gerd she lives.  WHATTUP! 
hyperferret Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
Just checking in as I do every year or so, haha. Livin life. Working in insurance (blegh). I think I'm going back to school soon..
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
I keep deleting my various social media outlets but I'll probably keep DA forever *lmao*.  I was absent for some time but I'm back again, I guess I got bored!?  I too am livin lyfe, now the illustrious lyfe of a preschool instructional asst.  Yesterday we did a handprint rainbow.  GLORIOUS.   And yay skool!  Go become ultra educated!  I keep getting pushed to go to school but every time I think about it my eyes glaze over.  It wasn't for me.   
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Happy birthday :heart:
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