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Mad vs. Genius: Summer 2010 Lit Contest
The Mad defy reality. Their ways of story-weaving are seen as reckless and absurd.
Some people say that the tales of Geniuses are beyond their time. Their ways of story-weaving are seen as clever and savvy.
Both are Masterminds of tales. But this summer, a rift will rise ...
Which side are YOU on?
Mad vs. Genius 2010
The war is on!  
Think you have what it takes? Pull out your pens, invent a speculative fiction* piece, choose a side, join forces, and rise against your opponents!
The team with the most winners from 1st to 5th place gets a news article feature, team trophy stamp, and bragging rights!
ALL writers of deviantArt are welcome to participate!
*Speculative fiction: fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and their respective subgenres, hybrids, and concentrations.
Here’s the Drill:
:bulletgreen: Speculative Fiction (no fanfiction, please)
:iconliquid-etherealism:liquid-etherealism 27 90
Leave It To Beaver by Intergrativeone Leave It To Beaver :iconintergrativeone:Intergrativeone 10 19 Petals on the Battlefield by Salacia-of-Vanadiel Petals on the Battlefield :iconsalacia-of-vanadiel:Salacia-of-Vanadiel 156 91
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The Mystery of May 1-2 :iconsarraphine:sarraphine 1 7
The Seaside Sky by Salacia-of-Vanadiel The Seaside Sky :iconsalacia-of-vanadiel:Salacia-of-Vanadiel 92 44 Baroness by FairieGoodMother Baroness :iconfairiegoodmother:FairieGoodMother 71 44
Lit Fortnightly - 11 June 2010
What is this business?!
This is a small update on what's going on around the literature community, that's what this business is. The idea is to try and make the community more readily accessible for everyone, whether you're new or have been here for a while.
Please note: these updates will not be all-encompassing in terms of community happenings, as the community is quite frankly rather large. If there is something that is not included in an update that you would like to be included, please note GaioumonBatou regarding it.
New to the community? Looking for a refresher?
Here's a few starting points for the community-at-large:
:pointr: hq is deviantART HQ's hub, so you'll be seeing some pretty big updates from them when things happen.
:pointr: communityrelations is the hub for the Community Relations team, which means it's a great place to watch for updates of all sorts.
dA Literature
:icongaioumonbatou:GaioumonBatou 37 32
Tonem by esstera
Mature content
Tonem :iconesstera:esstera 589 212
Stepping Closer 1
"I miss you, Drem," she murmured, sipping at her glass of amber liquid.  "I'm alone, and I don't know how to make it without you…  Now you're gone and I'm alone… why didn't you take me with you?"
She sat in the darkest corner of the small cantina, helmet left carelessly on its side in the seat next to her.  Absorbed in her musings and her drink, she didn't hear the man approach until it was too late.
"Hey there.  You're too pretty to be sitting by yourself tonight."
Her eyes flickered slightly to the side of her glass to take in a pair of well-worn and muddy boots.  "Leave now while you're still in one piece."
"Aw, what'd I say?"  His tone was surprised and defensive.  "C'mon, hon, cut me a little slack."
"I'll cut something you won't like much," she muttered.  "Drem, can I kill him now?"
"Kill- who you talking to?  You crazy or something?"
She finally lifted her head to face him. &
:iconaranov:Aranov 7 42
Riveted Gorgon -foot of time- by GeirrodVanDyke
Mature content
Riveted Gorgon -foot of time- :icongeirrodvandyke:GeirrodVanDyke 1,809 177
Romantically Apocalyptic 23 by alexiuss Romantically Apocalyptic 23 :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,752 659
Mature content
O'Neill :iconrockerlane1110:RockerLane1110 198 66
Lady in the pond by EmiliaPaw5 Lady in the pond :iconemiliapaw5:EmiliaPaw5 3,253 498


I Need Healing
“What happened to you?”  It seems Ana’s the only one that ever expresses any sympathy for him.  Though, it’s doubtful her sympathy will do him any good.  Sniper mom misses her friend.…

There's more, it's like, a whole SET!…

Yeah yeah yeah monster man hell, join me, blah blah, you heard it all before. 

actually him giving you a head start is rather nice, those shotguns only go about yay [ ] far. :[ 

I'm reading last year's nano, which I'm planning to finish, and it gives me chills with HOW GOSH DARN AWFUL it is. Thus said, back to basics, I'm reading articles on how to introduce characters properly. Here's a few just in case you're even a fraction as horrified by last year's work as I am: 

1) landlockedscreenwriter.nwoscre…

  I like this article because of the 3 H's thing, and also it reminds me I don't need to be as phobic of metaphors and descriptive speech as I am. 


  This generator is awesome because it will put random words in the bullshit machine and excrete stuff that ranges from amusing to plain awesome.


  Good examples from movies.  How do I feel tho about physical description as an intro? I dunno yet. Apparently it's way common and I've gone so far beyond ever describing people physically that I feel I should take a step back and just do it.  Maybe?  Thoughts? 


    Novel intros of characters!  I love these.  They're just fun to read, and more relevant than script writing techniques to nano.

5) I DUNNO??? Lay 'em on me?



create nothing out of something
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