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December 25, 2010



OC Secret Santa GIFT O RAMA!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 25, 2010, 2:27 PM
Merry Christmas Everyone!   Thanks for playing along in this year's OCSS!  Submit your gifts if you haven't already, or note your SS that it's on the way!

And don't forget, save some cash for The Drowned.  Comes out Jan 3rd!~

- - -

And...JUST IN CASE there are zombies:…

- - -

Other gifts I've received so far.  This is AWESOME!!   

This one's a SUPER cute Muro comment:…

And for the SW Secret Santa I got this awesome shizzle:
Loooove the way Koda's outfit is done.  

And look below.  MORE SS gives are flooding in!  Yee haw.

- - -

:holly::holly::holly:  GIFT -O- RAMA!  :holly::holly::holly:


:bulletpink: keyanadrake's psychic Nala's gift to WriterOfStuff's notorious vamp:
Secret Santa Handmade Book by keyanadrake

:bulletpink: bluemagix's Ete's gift to SleepyKiks's char Sleepy Kicks.  Socks lol!
For Kiks by bluemagix

:bulletpink: DEMurray's gift to bluemagix's Ete:

:bulletpink: sarraphine's odd but gentlemanly kelpie man guy gave Kira73's sexy witch this:

:bulletpink: My boy Toric gave this to TarienCole's gypsy gal Aishe:
Merry Christmas AisheIt was Christmas Eve on the moon.
It was the night of the Lunar Gala, a celebration for all thick of pocketbook and Christian of demeanor.  John Toric and his captain Darcy Blanch were technically neither, but they walked amongst the crowds headed towards the ballroom nonetheless.  Festive cheer covered the lunar atrium, transforming the white simplicity of Port Tranquility into a bustling, caroling, cinnamon-scented arena of civilized frivolity and good will toward mankind.
Toric, not technically a true citizen of what might consider 'mankind,' was having an admittedly difficult time partaking in the mirth.  For Toric and his captain were pirates, (often) cutthroat purveyors of the black trade.  But Toric had more than just his occupation to make him nervous.  The man was also an underground Mirror, one of a race of alien folk that once waged war upon humanity and ultimately lost.
Mirrorkind are notorious for their fearsome ability to

:bulletpink: Kira73's sexy witch gave my sexy Toric THESE babies:

:bulletpink: bluemagix's Aure gave Kuching-sama this:
To Kuching by bluemagix

:bulletpink: SleepyKiks gave Rovanna's Robbie this:

:bulletpink: Kuching-sama gave whitekitsune1 :

:bulletpink: Mithgariel's Raden gave DEMurray's hitman Peck this:

:bulletpink: StuartLohe's fire spirit Aishar's gift to Solaris-Ember's Vladimir:
From Ashar to VladimirWake up. Listen.
Those words nudged themselves into his sleepy mind and floated there, whispering and chiming.
He opened his eyes with a start and yet felt that he hadn't opened them.
"A dream," he muttered and tried to close his eyes and go back to sleep, that sweet dark abyss denying the thoughts wich had been troubling him lately.
A dream, the voice agreed. And yet, reality. There's something you have to do, Ashar.
"What," whispered the fire-spirit, anxious that he might awaken his master sleeping beside him.
There is a man, a man you have to give a gift to.
Youth's expression was so bewildered, that the voice in his mind giggled like a little girl.
In another world. I promised, and you have to be te one to fill that promise. If you agree, I'll show you and I'll help you.
Ashar was puzzled. It was a dream, or it wasn't and then there was that voice... he shouldn't trust anyone and yet he felt how that voice brought peace into his mind. Not an e

:bulletpink: TheBrokenBride's gal-named-Charlie's gift to Mithgariel's Raden.

:bulletpink: Rovanna's future rocker guy Robby's gift to StuartLohe's ancient fire spirit Aishar. Lawl.

:bulletpink: Solaris-Ember's humble painter Vlad's gift to keyanadrake's Nala:
Secret SantaThis is the poor part of town, not quite slums, but far from being the palace district. I usually avoided the area. So many desperate people lived there and I preferred to avoid any risk of having my possessions stolen. Today, however, I had little choice. I had been commissioned by a lesser noble that was responsible for the area. From what I had seen of the place, he wasn't doing a very good job.
I was feeling slightly lost as I wandered the dank streets. The directions I had been given seemed to be leading me nowhere and I was beginning to think that I would have to give up and head home. Commission be damned. Dropping onto a nearby bench, I pondered my choices. Truth be told, I wasn't entirely positive that I would be able to make my way home again, considering how lost I had managed to become.
While I was sitting there, deep in thought, a young lady in her teens plopped down beside me. She seemed to not notice me for a few minutes. When she finally did, her face registered

:bulletpink: Aranov's psycho emo Mando warrior lady gave sarraphine's kelpie Martin this:
Martin McGee, I have a gift...Zav paced forward to the edge of the river, a quiet figure in dark leather, the night wind stirring the sleeves and trailing hem of her surcoat.  She glanced around, seeing nothing, and spoke to the darkness, quietly so that her voice would not carry to any unseen and unlighted dwelling or traveler.
"Martin McGee, I bring you a gift."
She could not have said why she had chosen to participate in such a foolish tradition; she wished for nothing but the impossible in return, and any meaningless trinket she did receive would likely be cast aside at the most convenient opportunity.  Perhaps it was because she missed interaction with anyone who was not a potential employer or a target.  That alone was not a promising sign.  If she softened…  She reached out, finding her husband's presence like a shadow in the corner of her eye.  "Drem, I miss you," she mouthed, mentally clinging to the shade, but a sudden noise made her start,

:bulletpink:  Memnalar's luck wizard Talent gave TheBrokenBride's Charlie this:
for Charlie
This is the worst bar in Scorn. Ask Buzzard, he'll tell you.
"The hell you find these places, Talent? It'll take me years to scrub the dried puke off my shoes." As he says this, his beard is glistening from his last pull of his eighteenth tankard of Garish Black. Tell you the truth, Buzzard's butt was wearing a trench in that chair long before my great-grandfather was kicking the inside of my great-great-grandmother's belly. My theory is that Buzz passed out drunk about four hundred years ago, and they just built the city around him.
He also doesn't wear shoes. I've learned to avoid looking directly at his feet if I want to keep my appetite. Instead, I've got two coins in a steady slalom between the fingers on my left hand. My right is cupping a mug of spiced grog, and my eyes are on the door.
Two coins is a lot of magic for a place like this. I don't like to make that kind of noise with so many sensitives around, but our target needs to duck into the right door at the right time. Some

:bulletpink:  denlm's psycho psychic Zach gave Memnalar's Talent this:
The Gift of LivingFrom Zach Karson to Talent
So you believe in luck, eh? What a crock.
Sugarcoat it any way you like, Master Talent. Call it "probability". Call it "magic". The truth is it's all bullshit. People make their luck, not have it presented in gift wrap. It's the I that giveth, the I that taketh away. There's no spiritual, mystical, numinous, hocus-pocus in my world. Got it? Yes, I admit, Zachary Karson does have a few coins of his own rolling across his knuckles—metaphorically speaking, as it were. But unlike you, Talent, I don't make the mistake of thinking anyone or anything is in control other than yours truly.  
In my world, they call me a Black psy. More bullshit. I have a few extra skills, that's all—proficiencies I suspect every human has. It's just that some of us are tuned in and others are tone-deaf. What are these skills? Well, for one, I can melt those lucky poker chips of yours into a hot sticky syrup that bubbles the flesh off your fingers faster than

:bulletpink:  TarienCole's Romani Aishe gave denlm's Zach this:

- - -

:santa: Secret Santa Original Character Project, 2010 :santa:
aka, a guaranteed present from someone who’s awesome

I.  Introduction
II. How This Works
.      a.  Getting Started: Entry Times & Notification
.      b.  Santa's Workshop: working times
.      c.  Gift-o-Rama: Gift giving times
III. Quick FAQ
IV. Current Entrants

:holly: INTRO: :holly:

We al have original characters.  And man, do they make a mess of our brains.

Is your OC dying to get out for the holidays?  Begging for recognition when you’re firmly putting your foot down?  I have the thing for you, then, because not only will your OC get some sun, you won’t be trapped in plot-quicksand trying to figure out how to appease them!  

Secret Santas are already a well-known social device to liven up boring offices, groups of schoolmates, or a way to keep old friends together. You enter, and are given a name that you keep a secret until the 24th - at that point, you approach them with your gift! And of course hilarity ensues.

This is the same idea, but between original characters.

:holly: HOW THIS WORKS: :holly:


Entry Times:
November 29th through December 10th
:bulletpink: Note me with your character, or multiple characters.
:bulletpink: Template for submission:

Entrant: (that's you)
Character: (that's the OC)
Description: (Likes, dislikes, basic personality, basic history, anything you think would be helpful to ensure your character gets the perfect gift)

Notification: December 11th – 12th
:bulletpink:All entrants will be notified via note on December 18th on the identity of their Secret Santa, along with the character information, identity of the deviant, and all appropriate links they might include.

:holly: SANTA’S WORKSHOP: :holly:

Working Time: December 12th - December 24th
:bulletpink:That gives only 13 days to produce a body of work you think that character would like!
:bulletpink:Bodies of work include prose, visual art, photography, artisan crafts (if you’re ballsy enough to mail them out), manipulations, basically anything within reason that DA has a category for!  
:bulletpink: The gift can be your two characters together, just the gift, the act of giving the present, using the present, anything really, it's up to interpretation.
:bulletpink:Be sure to also take into account that it’s your character giving the gift, not you, as much as you may have in common with your four-armed fire breathing snake spider from Mars.
:bulletpink:A thoughtful gift is a kind gift, give the assassins guns, give the ballerinas puppies. But creativity is never unwanted. A homicidal ballerina may want an uzi.
:bulletpink:Remember, gifts don’t have to be huge and elaborate.  Part of the holiday season is putting thoughtfulness into a present, showing appreciation, and having fun!

:holly: GIFT-O-RAMA! :holly:

Gift Giving Bonanza!
December 24th - 25th
:bulletpink:Upload your gift to your gallery!
:bulletpink:Note your Secret Santa with a link to your gift!
:bulletpink:Notify me via journal response or note about the entry!

:holly: Quick F.A.Q.: :holly:

1.  Can I enter more than one character?
Sure.  But limit it to one or two, and remember, for every character you enter, they have to give a gift.  If you want to do three, that’s three presents you have to make.

2.  Can I submit my presents early?
If you’re going out of town or will be busy, sure!  But if you can spare the time, submitting them on Christmas eve is very spiriting.  Early however is better than late.

3.  Can I use a real character?  Like Darth Vader?
Sure!  If you have no oc’s, or are sick of them all, pick your favorite fandom.  Though it would be greatly appreciated if you had an OC to keep in the spirit of the event: creativity.

4.  Can my present be slutty?
Sure!  Sex-ba-bomb it up, just make sure the recipient isn’t a kid.

5.  Do I have to be your friend to enter?
Not really, random visitor.  We welcome you into our arms!

Ask and you shall receive non-sarcastic answer!  I promise.  Idiots.  jk, jk.

:holly: :bulletpink:Current Santas: :bulletpink: :holly:


- - -

:bulletpink: Be my Twit on Twitter :bulletpink:
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DEMurray Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
*cough* My gift was to Ete, not Aure .... :D

Thank you for running this! Its been fun!!
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Blahhh @___@ sorry. Will fix. :D
keyanadrake Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Professional Writer
Was I supposed to note you too? I figured that you saw it, it didn't need noting??
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
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keyanadrake Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Professional Writer
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:3 Sorry I ruined your method.
Mithgariel Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Hope I'll get that new job I'm applying for, then I can get more money and buy your book, cause I really, really want to read it in dead tree form. I SUCK, absolutely and horrendously suck reading anything from the computer screen. That being my only poor excuse of not having got further than the first chapter of Drowned. *grabs of pile of ashes and goes to sulk in the corner*
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
Yes go sulk!! I bet you'll get a better job. :D We on the internets miss you. More money = more time to lounge!
Mithgariel Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
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